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Posted 09/10/2015
Yoe Borough Discontinues Public Leaf Collection
Yoe Borough's Council has decided to discontinue the collection of resident's leaves due to increased costs. The program was a joint effort with a neighboring municipality. The cancellation was due to equipment replacement that changed what the Borough would have paid for the service. The Council was already faced with previous budget increases for police service and winter maintenance. The leaf collection program was only used by a small number of the residents and property owners.

Yoe Borough recommends that as a replacement for collection, residents consider mulching the leaves back into their yards. Several major universities have conducted research into the increased benefits of mulching. The Borough does this on all of their properties. Residents should also consider composting their leaves and other yard waste in their backyards, the compost can be used for flower beds and vegetable gardens. More information can be found at the following resources:

http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/smart_gardeners_mulch_fallen_leaves_into_lawn_to_save_money (Michigan State University)
https://turf.purdue.edu/tips/2010/10182010_leaves.html (Purdue University)
http://www.ycswa.com/recycling/compost-basics/ (York County Solid Waste Authority)

Yoe Borough residents are reminded that open burning is prohibited by ordinance due to concerns over air quality and to limit the hazards of uncontrolled fires.