Borough of Yoe

150 North Maple Street, Yoe, PA 17313 • (717) 244-5904

The Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania’s
9th Annual Recycling Film Festival

PROP’s 26th Annual Recycling & Organics Conference
July 27th – 29th Harrisburg, PA

Communicate Recycling Program Features with a Smart Phone video

Consider shooting a 3-5 minute recycling video with your smart phone that can be posted to your community website, or used at group presentations, to get your points across both audibly and visually. Yes, you can use your smart phone. The video feature of most smart phones can produce excellent quality video. The audio quality however, will require extra attention to prevent extraneous sounds. The short video at this link was shot on a Samsung Galaxy S phone and edited over two-week period to win 2nd place in a 2012Washington State contest. Award-winning phone video
You can recruit local talent as writers, producers, actors, videographers and editors who can relate the ins and outs of your community’s recycling program. Or you can create the video with a two-person crew. Use props to depict the types of items that are eligible for curbside or drop-off collection. Point out items that are not included in your program and offer alternatives for recycling them, as in the case of plastic bags and other films that can be recycled at local supermarket lobbies.
A prize, sponsored by MSW Consultants, LLC, will be awarded for the video, or videos, judged by FilmFest participant ballots to be the best. The winning videos will gain additional exposure through posting to PROP’s YouTubeChannel. You can view many of the winning videos from the 2008-2015 FilmFest at this link: PROP YouTube Channel
Take some time to produce a short, quality, recycling video, post it to your community web site, and enter it into the 2016 PROP Recycling FilmFest. You can do it!
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After much consideration it has been decided to cancel all public meetings until further notice, this includes the April Council meeting. In addition the playground equipment is closed to the public at this time; however the park remains open.

The Borough Office is now open for normal business hours. The park will be reopened once York County has reached the green phase. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding over the last few months.

Anyone who has not yet joined our email alert system is encouraged to do so at this time by emailing Diana via the contact form on our website.

No bill payments for Water, Sewer or Tax bills are payable at the Borough office. Each payment needs to be sent to the address listed on the invoice. Yoe Borough is not responsible for any late fees or penalties for payments sent to the Borough in error. Taxes may be paid at the Borough office ONLY on the dates and times provided by the taxing authority.
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    CONTACT: Ellen O’Connor – 717-968-1698 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 31, 2020 The York County Solid Waste Authority Suspends Residential Electronics Recycling during Covid-19 Pandemic  The York County Solid Waste Authority has suspended residential electronics recycling ...

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    Covid-19 Coronavirus Update: Effective 3/30/2020 Residential Operations will run as follows: Trash Collection: Normal Schedule Bulk (Large Item) Collection Temporarily suspended until further notice We are implementing this temporary change so that we can ...