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How Will Stormwater Authority Affect You?

The York County Planning Commission is exploring a stormwater authority.

Come and learn how this will affect you.

On Tuesday, Sept. 25, the York County Planning Commission will hold the second of three public information sessions to discuss creating a county stormwater authority to combat flooding and water pollution in York County and the associated fees. The meeting will be at the York Learning Center (old Central High School), 300 E. 7th Ave., York, PA 17404 from 6 to 8 p.m. Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

This meeting will further educate the public on the possibility of a countywide stormwater authority and, if created, how it would operate, what services would be provided and what fees would be assessed. Planners will have an update on the process and answer questions from the public. There will also be breakout groups for property-specific items, including how this would impact individual property owners – residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial.

If approved by the York County Commissioners, a stormwater authority would address flooding and pollution problems by investing in stream restoration, erosion control and reforestation projects along waterways all around the county.

Approximately 1,100 miles of streams have been identified in York County that do not meet mandated environmental standards, and there are still many miles of streams to test. The Planning Commission has identified 215 locations on roads in the county that experience frequent flooding problems.

The county is considering this option while Pennsylvania and neighboring states work together to clean the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay. This stormwater authority would clean up local streams and help York County meet its responsibilities to reduce the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment that flows into the Susquehanna River from our waterways.

This Sept. 25 meeting is the second of three public information sessions.

The next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 8. Residents can get the latest information and submit comments at:

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