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Minutes for February 6, 2018

The regular monthly meeting of Yoe Borough Council was held on February 6, 2018 at the Yoe Borough Municipal Building, 150 N. Maple Street, Yoe, PA 17313. The meeting was called to order by Council President Samuel Snyder at 7:0 PM followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Council members in attendance:
Samuel Snyder
Ryan Harper
William Bankoske
Barry Myers
Seth Noll
George Howett

Others in attendance:
John Sanford, Mayor
Seth Springer, Solicitor
Steve Malesker, Engineer
Dana Shearer, Maintenance Supervisor
Diana Dvorak, Secretary-Treasurer
Tyler Sprenkle, Resident
Dustin Claycomb, Resident
Michelle Claycomb, Resident

Councilman Snyder asked if everyone had an opportunity to look over the minutes from the prior meeting. Councilman Noll made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Councilman Bankoske. Councilman Snyder abstained, all others in favor. Minutes approved.

As had been indicated at last months meeting there is an open council seat. Letters of interested were received by two gentleman, Tyler Sprenkle, and Dustin Claycomb.

Councilman Snyder addressed both Mr. Sprenkle, and Mr. Claycomb to give them an overview of what is required by a Councilmember.

Councilman Snyder also wanted to clear up a misunderstanding regarding the requirements of being an appointed Councilmember. As of 2014 the requirements are that interested parties are over the age of 18 and have been a registered voter of the Borough for at least one year.

Both candidates were asked to introduce themselves and say why they would like to be on Council.

Mayor Sanford began by asking Mr. Claycomb what he feels he can bring to Council. Mr. Claycomb feels he bring experience due to his age. He has wanted to be involved for a long time. Mayor Sanford asked what Mr. Claycomb likes to do in his personal time that he would like to share with Council. Mr. Claycomb said he and his wife like to go antiquing.

Mayor Sanford asked Mr. Sprenkle the same questions. Mr. Sprenkle said he has a strong drive to learn, and wants to make an impact on the town that he plans to live in for the rest of his life. Mr. Sprenkle is a welder, but he also runs a side business doing yard clean up. He is also an automotive junkie, tries to learn any skills he can, be a handyman.

Councilman Snyder asked Mr. Sprenkle what area of the Borough he felt needed the most work. Mr. Sprenkle said he could not honestly answer, he is not involved enough to know, which is why he would like to get on Council.

Councilman Snyder asked Mr. Claycomb the same question. Mr. Claycomb feels that keeping taxes low is the main issue. He feels there should be a good balance between service and cost.

Councilman Snyder thanked both Mr. Sprenkle and Mr. Claycomb for their interest. Asked that they maintain interested, as there are other openings in the Borough, and there will be an election in two years. The floor was then opened for discussion.

Councilman Myers made the motion to appoint Mr. Claycomb. Councilman Myers feels that Mr. Sprenkle would be great on the Sewer Authority. Councilman Noll seconded the motion. Councilman Howett, and Councilman Harper said aye. Councilmen Snyder and Bankoske abstained. Councilman Myers made a motion that Mr. Sprenkle be appointed to the sewer authority. Seconded by Councilman Harper. Councilman Banksoske abstained, all others in favor. Mayor Sanford thanked both gentlemen for expressing their interest.

Mayor Sanford swore in Mr. Claycomb.

Resolution 2018-04 appointing Melissa Harper to fill the vacated seat on the Zoning Hearing Board, term ending on 12/31/2019. Councilman Noll made the motion, seconded by Councilman Bankoske. Councilman Harper abstained, all others in favor, motion carried.

Resolution 2018-05 appointing Dustin Claycomb to a two-year term, to fill the seat vacated by Regan Strausbaugh. Councilman Myers made the motion, seconded by Councilman Howett. All in favor, motion carried.

Maintenance Report
Report provided. Fourth load of salt ordered. Councilman Noll made a motion to keep salt contract at 143 tons. Seconded by Councilman Howett. All in favor, motion carried.

LTAP traffic engineer is scheduled for February 22 at 9AM.

Barricades have been erected at the ballfield, as people have been driving onto the field. The Borough had received concerns from the neighbors regarding people on the ballfield after dark. This issue has been addressed by the Police. The ballfield is open to foot traffic. Discussion continued.

Chief Damon contacted Mayor Sanford about the possibility of having the cameras at the park connected to the Police Department. More details will need to be determined, so this issue is tabled at this time.

Engineer’s Report
C.S. Davidson submitted the Highway Occupancy Permit. Penndot wants to see a drawing of the entire system. The Borough must install concrete pipe on the State route. Discussion continued. Liquid Fuels monies will not be used to fund this project. Easement have not yet been obtained. C.S. Davidson will help the Borough draw up a letter to send to the homeowners that the Borough is hoping to get an easement on. Councilman Harper and Mr. Shearer will go out and speak with the property owners after the letters are sent.

Solicitor’s Report
ECS Act II final report provided. There are no pollutants have been found in the water, or residences. This report will be submitted to DEP.

Councilman Myers made the motion to go into executive session at 8:08 PM. Councilman Banksoske seconded the motion. All in favor, entered into executive session at 8:08 PM.

The regular council meeting was resumed at 8:25 PM. Legal issues were discussed, only action taken at this time is for the President of Council to have contact with the Zoning Officer for update status.

Zoning Officer’s Report
No report provided. The Zoning Officer was out after the snow.

EMA Report
Rodney attended the last meeting. Some management changes at the 911 center.

Mayor’s Report
Speeding concern on Maple ST, but no one was found, but the Police will continue to monitor.

Secretary’s Report
Codification has been sent to American Legal. Audit was started last week. Discussion of what needs to be provided to Councilman Claycomb. Ethics reports are due by May.

Unfinished Business
Councilman Harper inquired as to whether Councilman Myers was able to speak to the State Police. This has not been completed at this time. AED has been replaced.

New Business
There is no new business at this time.

Payment of Bills
Councilman Harper made a motion to pay the bills. Seconded by Councilman Howett. All in favor, bills are paid.

Councilman Claycomb made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:44PM. Councilman Snyder seconded the motion. All in favor.

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