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Minutes for May 6, 2014

The regular monthly meeting of Yoe Borough Council was held on May 6, 2014 at the Yoe Borough Municipal Building, 150 N. Maple Street, Yoe, PA 17313. The meeting was called to order at 7:01PM by Council President Sam Snyder followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Council members in attendance:
Sam Snyder
Seth Noll
Barry Myers
George Howett
Bill Bankoske
Regan Strausbaugh

Others in attendance:
Steve Malesker, Engineer
Seth Springer, Sitting in for Solicitor Charles Rausch
Dana Shearer, Maintenance Supervisor
Sandy Sterner, Secretary-Treasurer
Pat Wolf, Dallastown Cougars
Jay Myers, Business Owner
Ryan Harper,42 W. Broad Street
Joe Miller, 76 E. George Street (Business Owner)
Dennis Attig, 106 E. High Street
Stacy Blessing, 123 E. Pennsylvania Avenue
Lois Gross, 194 N. Main Street
Joe Strobeck, 224 E. 4th Street

Councilman Snyder asked is there any additions or corrections to the meeting minutes of April 1, 2014? There were no changes. A motion was made by Councilman Myers to accept the minutes as presented from April 1, 2014. The motion was seconded by Councilman Bankoske. All in favor. Councilman Snyder said motion carriect.

Councilman Snyder stated there will be slight change up here in the agenda. Just so the record reflects, that Councilman Allar isn’t here tonight. We have to do this first off, so we can continue with the business.

Resignation of Thomas Allar
Councilman Snyder said a short notice to council, to the mayor, Yoe Borough Council, this is notification of my resignation from Yoe Borough Council effective May 1, 2014. A motion was made by Councilman Myers to accept the resignation of Councilman Thomas Allar. The motion was seconded by Councilman Noll. All in favor. Councilman Snyder said resignation is accepted.

A motion was made to make the seat vacant and for any or all applicants to contact the borough and we can consider for next month by Councilman Noll. The motion was seconded by Councilman Strausbaugh. All in favor. Councilman Snyder said motion carried.

Councilman Snyder said so let the record reflect there is one vacant council seat and the quorum will consist of the remaining council members at this time.

Councilman Snyder said first on the agenda, Mr. Wolf. Mr. Wolf said I sent the borough a letter about the Dallastown Cougars requesting to use the baseball field. Little late getting to you this year, we had a lot of things going on, we are in a different league. I talked to Sandy about the porto-johns that were set up, that we are willing to pay for. She already signed a contract for that. Councilman Snyder said I did take notice that you already contacted Mr. Hunter with the York Area Recreational League. There were no conflicts with what we already approved. Mr. Wolf said I know he very well, and the field time never a conflict. He was previously affiliated with the Cougars. The secretary said the contract sent to York Area Recreational League said that that league would pay for the portable rental. He didn’t sign it and return it because in the meantime he had talked to you. Mr. Wolf said I didn’t discussed that. The secretary said York Area Recreational did not send a certificate of insurance but Cougars did. Mr. Wolf said they are not part of the Cougar program. The secretary said she is letting the council know that York Area Recreational did not return the agreement and certificate of insurance. The secretary said I will complete an agreement for the Cougars including the fee of $17.00 a week for the portable rental. A motion was made by Councilman Noll to accept the Cougar Baseball request for use of Yoe Field, that send a letter out of the other group that a certificate of insurance is needed. The motion was seconded by Councilman Bankoske. All in favor. Councilman Snyder said motion carried. Contact for Mr. Wolf: Patrick Wolf, 221 Creekwood Drive, Jacobus, PA 17407. Councilman Snyder said if you are contact with Mr. Hunter to clarify the certificate of insurance issue.

Jay Myers said I own Strobeck Service Center, I am here opposed to the proposed zoning ordinance change. I have either lived in Yoe Borough, worked in Yoe Borough or owned a business in Yoe Borough even before I went to grade school. While I grew up in Yoe Borough, we had churches, we had a school, we had a bakery, two butcher shops, a grocery store, soda fountain and a post office. Pretty much all that is gone except for three of the buildings are apartment buildings, one building is Yoe Parts. Sam, you mentioned that you would like Yoe to be like Gettysburg or Harpers Ferry. Shopping. I can’t see that happening. Yoe Borough is a drive through town. There is no room to put any businesses. The businesses that you have are being penalized by changing the zoning. I don’t know if you’re trying to put our section of the town in town center because of the Attig Farm. I know that is part of the original homestead of Jacob Snyder to try to keep that homestead from being torn down or demolished or whatever, I am not opposed to anything else other than the zoning being changed for my property. I talked to commercial realtors, they assured me that if it does change from commercial to town center, because of the restrictions that town center has versus commercial, it will decrease the value of my property. So you say you are looking at the future, I am too, because its going to be detrimental to my future if the value of my property is depleted. I am here to make a plea to keep the zoning commercial on the east side of town in Yoe. All we have are auto businesses on that side, on the other sign you have a barber shop, two auto repairs, body shop is that side, and auto parts store on Main Street. Why penalized the businesses that you have because of the rail trail in, hopefully bringing in small businesses, like a coffee house. Where are you going to go? Councilman Snyder said again the committee meets Thursday at 3PM, that is when we are going to look at the recommendations from York County Planning. I know the gentleman that has been redoing and handling that, has already incorporated a lot of those changes that York County Planning wanted. Just to give you a time line of what we’re looking at. The committee is going to meet at 3PM this Thursday at the borough office. We’re going to discuss the comments from York County Planning, we’re going to take into consideration your comments and wishes. We have a couple letters from other attorneys that they want us to look at other sections to rezone the map. We’re going to discuss that, the pros and cons about that. We’re then going to make the recommended changes back to York County Planning. I think they meet the last Monday of the month. I’m not sure when they meet because the last Monday is a holiday. But to get on their agenda. At that point it will be same process as what happened last time, they’re going to look at it again, make their recommendations and it will come back to council. At that point, council will then discuss it, where we are at, do we want to make any changes, take the recommendations of the committee and if they say, make changes, then it goes back to York County Planning again, and come back to council again. So at this point, I know how I feel, I’m going to be bringing that up on the agenda for Thursday. We will discuss it and see what becomes of it. At this point, we haven’t even discussed it, I don’t know what the other committee members are thinking. We’re going to have our attorney there, York County Planning is going to be there, committee, take all those comments in consideration on Thursday. Attorney Springer asked Mr. Myers, I just want to be able to narrow the issue. From what you told me tonight, you are concerned about the value of your property declining because of our new zoning. Is that to say that you perceive in the near future that you are going to sell the property? Because you also prefixed that with you’ve been a business established in Yoe Borough for a long time. And we can assure you that the rezoning will not affect the business as it stands. So I want to be able to narrow your concerns. Your concerns for the value of the property or the business. Mr. Myers said the value of the property as a business. Attorney Springer said as it stands. Mr. Myers said yes. Councilman Snyder said thank you.

Ryan Harper of 42 W. Broad Street said I wanted to see whats been going on with the truck traffic along our street, roundabout ball park of what is going on, its been two months. It hasn’t changed much, but good thing is when I am calling the PD, they’re on it right away. I have been subpoenaed to go to court, I also have pictures and evidence. Last Friday morning, a truck came up the street, my neighbor Ms. Williams down at the end of the complex came out, and the truck stopped, she said you realize that you are not allowed on the street. The truck driver said I’m just going up there to Orchard Street to one of the businesses. Ms. Williams told the driver to go around and go up the other way. The truck driver said I have no clue how to go that way. Mr. Harper said I was standing there, I said did you see the sign down there. The truck driver said , yes sir I did. But I wanted to see what is going on with it. Councilman Snyder said the mayor is actually out tonight. Mr. Harper said I know John is the liason. Councilman Snyder said he is dealing with family issues. He did point to me when he gave me an update, that in his police report for the mayor, if anyone asks this question. There was twenty two citations written for the month of February, ten of those were written on Broad Street alone. So the enforcement is continuing, we had other issues. Mr. Harper said the stop signs. Councilman Snyder said so what they are doing is a multitude of hitting that area, whether they are getting people with registration problems or what. Mr. Harper said one the officers told me, I actually could see him at the four way stop, going towards Orchard, he was sitting there, they couldn’t see him. He has been catching them with roll throughs and the truck traffic. Councilman Snyder said they are enforcing all traffic laws. They’re just targeting Broad Street, they are doing what we asked them to do. If half of the citations written are from Broad Street.Mr. Harper said I can guarantee you that from the trucks that I called in, they’ve gotten. I wanted to get some information on how well its working and whats going on. Two weeks ago till now, I’ve been calling in. Are we citing these businesses also? I have a feeling, is there anyway we can do that? Because the businesses should be fined, because what they are doing is not telling these truck drivers where to go. Councilman Myers said its in the township, they have an address and the truckers are suppose to know how to get there, unfortunately they use GPS’s and GPS’s don’t take them truck routes. Mr. Harper said truck GPS’s tell them what roads are restricted by heights and weights, lengths, and tell you where you can or cannot go. I know we’re doing, working on fining. How are we going to sew it up, average fine is always different. I understand it gets to a point where we can only do so much, but. If we’re going to try to fix this road, try to get rid of this truck traffic. I understand fining them, and getting the guys who are doing it, we need to let the businesses know, if they have trucks coming to them, not to be on this road. I understand its in York Township, but they are coming through our borough to get to it. Attorney Springer said its my understanding that the truck drivers are independent contractors so if the company directs them, they risk losing that independent contractor status because now they are directing their action. The whole point of the independent contractor as opposed to the employees, you don’t direct their actions. Now you are mudding the waters, you are stepping into a gray area. If the damage continues, we can re-examine the engineering study and get, and pass an ordinance to address the damage to the road and certain specs that involves the road if it gets to that point. We’re hoping the citations curb it and eventually stop use of this. It is concerning, they are seeing the signs and going through anyways. Mr. Harper said exactly. The other thing is too, not just trucks, there is a lot of traffic on our road to begin with too. In the morning, and evenings people cutting through, a lot of traffic too. It is a very busy street. Trying to cut some of that down, would be a big thing. It wouldn’t even bother me, to cut it off at the end and make it a dead end. Have it for residents only, that would be an excellent idea. That’s not my decision, just an opinion of mine. I mentioned it to Dana once before. There is a lot of traffic coming into our borough. We do have it as a snow emergency, we have Walnut Street. That is wider road than what we have in front of our street. Councilman Myers said that would have no affect. Mr. Harper said I didn’t know if it was a state, for a snow emergency. Mr. Harper said cut if off at the end so they would have no reason to come down that street unless they are residents. The only reason people come down our street, it’s a pass through from Yoe Borough go up to Main Street to Queen Street. Councilman Strausbaugh said we limit access to York Township. Attorney Springer said that’s what I was talking to Sam, I’d have to look into that, that is closing access to the road. Councilman Snyder said theoretically, there is a section, Broad Street comes up like this, Walnut Street out here, Orchard is basically the curve that connects two streets. Orchard, almost the center of it, its actually on the angle where we believe where the actually boundary is. That section of the road is in dire need of repair, we’re going to be discussing that tonight in the maintenance report. Actually has never been adopted by the borough. Mr. Harper asked the house that sits vacant down the hill there, that residence is consider in the township. Councilman Snyder said theoretically its never been adopted. You need to put that in, for information. Its in need of repair. We can close off that one section, waiting on repair, I don’t know if having a one lane in there .Councilman Myers said we probably would have to talk to the state. Mr. Shearer said like I said before, that would be a traffic calming. You need to commission a traffic engineer to study what the cause and affect, the ramifications of closing that or what other traffic calming measures you might use. Its not just necessarily just closing streets. Its like up on Philadelphia before. There is speed tables, you know making it one way even though. There is things that you can do, you would have to study how it would affect the residents, what impact it would have on the other streets because traffic is just like, the path of least resistance because traffic would go some place else. Whether our streets or York Township streets, wherever it goes somewhere. So you would have to do that study and see what recommendations that come back to know what. Councilman Snyder said I can see the trucks come up Philly and making the right onto Elm. Councilman Howett said if you block that road, cars are going to start using the alleys, and they can’t take it. They are going to go the same but cut up the alley, go out, and go the rest of the way. Councilman Snyder said this is going an ongoing situation. We may discuss at budget time, increase police protection like a ¼ of PPU, to say we want. The two PPU’s we purchase is like twenty hours a week, so if we increase another ½ of PPU that would be an extra ten hours a week. We want that person sitting right on Broad Street. If we have someone say for ten hours a week on Broad Street, and that is all they are doing, we do the traffic study to change the fining, instead of a flat fee of $500.00, to a sliding scale which can be from five to ten thousand, that combination of the two that could make an impact. Mr. Harper said I know we have issues everywhere else. Councilman Snyder said its something we need to consider for doing what we say we were, and its having an impact. Whether we are going to solve the whole problem I doubt it. Mr. Harper said I just wanted to see what the progress was and what was going on. I was just bringing up some ideas. There is a lot of young kids on our street, more and more. Wayne and Sandy said we use to be youngest on the block now we are one of oldest. So we have more and more young kids there. Mr. Harper said I know what I have, and wanted to see the progress you have. Soon as I have been calling they’re right on it.The one the other day, right out front, Officer Steinfelt called me on my phone. The guy said he saw the sign. Councilman Snyder said we may have to look at a traffic study, the $500.00 fine is a cost of doing business. So we may have to look into the traffic study. The police are enforcing the traffic laws. I received some phone calls, from the other lady that was here, the police caught three going through the stop signs. It’s a combination of everything. Councilman Myers said the police caught one up around the House of Windsor, he didn’t come back. One in a truck went right through a stop sign. He went right around the turn. I have pictures. Mr. Shearer said they will give recommendations if a traffic study. Don Bubb still does the studies. You can follow the progress over the years. They try to find a way around the sign. Councilman Snyder said if we did a study to change fines on a sliding scale, we would have to do it for Walnut Street as well. Mr. Harper said I have seen them come off Walnut Street in Dallastown Borough and our sign for six ton is only way they are up on top of the hill. They keep going down through. Councilman Myers said you mean coming down N. Pleasant Avenue. Mr. Harper said yes I mean N. Pleasant Avenue. Mr. Shearer said our sign is at the borough line. Mr. Harper said they don’t know that until they get to the borough line. We did our job by putting the sign up. I have seen this personally happen.

Mr. Harper said for the possibility for the council seat, what do I have to do? Councilman Snyder said give your name and address and contact information to Sandy. The only stipulation that the state has is that you are over eighteen years old, you are a U. S. citizens, and are registered to vote. Councilman Noll said you’d have to be a registered republican. Mr. Harper said that I am too. Councilman Snyder said to fill his term. Councilman Strausbaugh added he has to be a resident for a year. The secretary asked if a letter of interest could be given to the borough. Next meeting is June 3,2014.

Joe Miller said I own Yoe Service Center of 76 E. George Street. The reason I’m here, I have the same concerns that Mr. Myers has. My property is currently commercial. I am looking that the changes are more restrictive as far as growth and expansion. Also commercial properties are worth more than residential. I look at the future, that my property value will drop too as the result. I want to go on record that I am opposed to those changes. Everyone knows that. My property, from the forties as far as I know, has been used for automotive use, and always been commercial. This town center zoning district, automotive use is specifically prohibited. And yet those are the ones that will be in town center. That is my main opposition. Attorney Springer said I don’t think you’ve been at prior meetings, you would be able maintain the use of your building, even if there was a rezoning. Mr. Miller said my concern is it would be more restrictive, hearing some of the plans of what you want Yoe Borough to become, it sounds as if, you would try to squeeze us out, to have a coffee shop. Councilman Noll asked Sam, we can ask Charlie if we can add another use by right in town center. Councilman Snyder said we were going to discuss that. Understand something this is what people don’t understand when it comes to zoning. Do you understand that if we were to say, we take those three parcels and make that commercial, your uses still aren’t going to be a use by right. Do you understand that? You are asking to be zoned commercial because that’s what you are now. Our commercial use that we are proposing, doesn’t even allow for your use. Your use is actually a use by special exception in a commercial zone. Even if we would change that to commercial, you’re not getting what you think you need. So. Because actually the automotive and that, that is designated for being industrial center. And of course because we share zones with Dallastown, that use by right, is actually going to be in Dallastown. So. We sharing uses. Just understand, even when the committee decides to make it commercial, say you’re going to create another commercial zone or whatever the committee wants, you’re still don’t know what we’re trying to say, when we’re trying to talk about uses and use by rights and zoning. An auto repair shop is still not going to be a use by right, even if we say a commercial property. Councilman Noll said what the basically means is a use by right in that zone,you can come in and as long as it says it’s a use by right, whatever that activity is, you need to do nothing more than follow your basic plan, with permits and that’s it. If its not a use by right, you have to come to Zoning Hearing Board, go before them, if deemed a special exception, they have to grant that special exception and they have to put limits or prohibits attached to that use when you do a special exception. They can say you can’t be open on Saturdays after noon. It could be a number of things. You can only have twenty cars on the lot. Whatever they decide are appropriate restrictions before granting the building for use in a special exception. Councilman Snyder said that is what I’m trying to say, understand what we’re actually doing, and what we’re not doing. If we take these comments back to the committee, and we say all you’re concerned about is having commercial zoned for your building. And the committee decides okay we’ll playcate you and make it commercial that’s still doesn’t get what your alterative motive is which is to be able to say, I’ll can open up and do whatever I want for this business. That business isn’t going to be a use by right in a commercial zone. Mr. Myers said but there are still going to be more restrictions in town center than in a commercial zone, am I right on that? Councilman Snyder said no, if we decided as a committee to recommend to zone that commercial. Take an area and say that’s commercial, even a new person coming in, would have to go through the same criteria because its going to be a use by special exception. But again, you are a pre-existing use, so if another garage wants to come in where you have a garage, or an auto, whatever business is actually considered. And you say I have an identical person that wants to open up, I want to sell my business to and he wants to continue operation as the same type of business. They can do that without coming in front of the zoning hearing board whether its zoned residential. Councilman Noll said the best thing to do, to take districts, and place them next to each other and see what both of them have use by right. Make a personal determination whether you think, one set is more restrictive than the other set for what you see for the future of that property. Look at the uses by right. Those of the categories I’d take a look at. Councilman Snyder said and again it doesn’t affect a pre-existing non conformity, it would only affect what the potential sale is. So in other words, as a town center, selling it, you wouldn’t be able to sell it as use by right, for a use by right in a commercial zone. Or in the industrial zone. We don’t even have an industrial zone in Yoe because we are taking over Dallastown. Councilman Noll said but when you got to sell, just to clarify that a bit, you have a use by right. As long as someone wants to come and buy your business as your business, you have actually have a use by right to transfer. Mr. Myers said as your business, if they want to purchase the business with plans of expansion. Councilman Noll said they can do that as well. Mr. Myers said if the borough approves. Councilman Noll said even in a regular zone, you would have to go through you met setback, all those criteria. Attorney Springer said there is a natural expansion clause to zoning for pre-existing uses which would be otherwise non-conforming if they were to come in new. Let’s say if your garage wants to be the Disney World of garages, no that is not natural evolution, if its growing that would be permitted. Another way to look at it is, use an analogy, imagine you are one of only three ice cream shops in a desert, no other ice cream shops can come in. And in real world terms, you would be one of the only auto mechanic shops, in the town center, no others can come in, they can buy you out but you would have to sell to them, or you could just hold, you could expand, keep it in the family whatever. So when you’re hearing the commercial value would be diminished. There’s arguments that could go both ways on that, they could be enhanced. Enhanced in the regards, you’re there and no one else could come in. Councilman Noll said I think you need to look at both use by rights, I want to get rid of my business tomorrow and sell it. Under the new regulations, I can sell it as an auto distributive dealer/repair shop, no problem, here are the other uses, do I think the commercial, looking at the uses by right, forget the terminology, look what you have the right to do. I think that is the problem. Its like the coke and pepsi argument, everybody heres commercial, I can do all these great wonderful things because its commercial and town center is something people are familiar with, you really look at what you are allowed to do. Look at how you can use. As a business, which one is more advantageous, if I decide get auto business, sell the piece of property who is going to be more than likely to buy this with the set of rules, with the economy and other things but what is most advantageous zoning to have. I can’t tell you that, you have to look at the uses and make that decision as far as what your property would be used in the future. If its your attention to sell your business, as your business, we can call it residential, we can call it whatever ,it doesn’t matter. You are going to be able to sell that business, as that business and operate as that business. Councilman Snyder said that’s why I wanted to clarify, I think that’s where you are getting hung up on the terminology. According to our new zoning, even if we were to say, we’ll take those three properties and make them commercial you’re particular business is not going to be an use by right. That’s designated for industrial. Councilman Strausbaugh said if he sold that property, some other type of business wants to come in, would that be allowed? Councilman Snyder said it depends, it’s a use by right. That is what Seth was saying, look at the use by rights/commercial versus the use by rights/ town center. Now who do you think would more likely to buy your building? Someone that has some of this, or someone that has some of this. We’re saying, most of these which I would have to get list, you are going to have more town center people come in and convert it to these multiple things than you would commercial. That’s why we made town center the predominant thing. When I came down to individual uses, you could have an industrial use in a residential zone and you would do it, you would be allowed to sell, you would be allowed to continue doing it, expand it, sell it. I mean it doesn’t affect your particular business. Mr. Myers said it doesn’t affect my particular business but if someone wants to purchase the property. Councilman Snyder said okay, wand what is that use? That is what Seth is saying, what would they buy it for? This is where I’m telling you, what we are allowing in our commercial uses and what we’re not. So I don’t know what you think your business or someone trying to come in there and put in there. A warehouse. Mr. Myers said a McDonald’s maybe a Hardees. Councilman Snyder said that would be allowed. That would actually be allowed. Councilman Myers said you may want to look at it. Its just my opinion here, I think you would have more of an opportunity with the changes than the way it is now. Councilman Snyder said again, don’t get hung up on terminology with commercial versus. Mr. Myers said then make it industrial. Councilman Snyder said that’s why we are having shared, I mean. Mr. Attig asked what about my mother’s farm right aside of him, what are you planning on doing with that, am I am going to be allowed to do anything with it, sell it? Councilman Snyder said absolutely. Yoe Borough has no attention with that. For someone for yourself, that puts you in a better situation than if it was zoned residential. Because it allows for a higher density residential, where in our residential zone, you are allowed one duplex on like two acres of ground. Town center you are allowed one duplex on a half acre of ground. You could put four duplexes in a two acre center. Where in a residential, you get one duplex. So again, you have to look at the uses that are allowed, there is a lot more uses allowed in the town center than what there are in the residential. Mr. Attig asked if someone bought that farm house, and someone bought it, would they be allowed to tear it down? Councilman Snyder said that’s going to be in the historic overlay and at that point, they could stay tear it down and put up a restaurant if they wanted to. Our town center is pretty, it does have a lot of commercial uses in it. Councilman Noll said the reason a lot of places are going to town center, they’ve looked at the way zoning and use of things in this country is going. Very quick aside, Forbes had a very interesting article, within the next thirty years, 82% of the jobs we have today, will be no longer needed, going from the industrial revolution, it’s the computer revolution. The economy, the way people use properties and businesses is changing dramatically. So we’re trying to look ahead, what are the trends, what are people going to want properties for in the future. We are trying to look ahead. A lot of people say, Yoe Borough, we’re actually looking ahead. Where trends and things are going. so people who have properties can get the best use out of them. Look at the uses by right. Mr. Myers asked where do we find the uses by rights? Councilman Noll said we have them pdf form. Councilman Myers said I can drop one off. Councilman Snyder gave out five copies for residents/business owners review. Again understand these are working copies, they don’t include the latest revisions from York County Planning. Councilman Myers said you can write on it, if you’re coming to the meeting you can write on it. Discussion continued as several persons were talking.

Stacy Blessing said she had a question about the rail trail. Where are we with the trail? Councilman Myers said we are still working, there is talk about the trail going in front of house. We have the sidewalk across the street. We are looking at maybe widening the road. When you had the snow piled up this winter, if you had to get a fire truck down there it would be a difficult time. So we’re kind of looking at is widening the road putting in basically a glorified sidewalk in and handicapped parking. We’re looking trying to get it on the street. We’re looking at two things, get the street widened and using the rail bed if we can get all the right of ways. There is two right of ways to get, the borough owns everything else. So if we can get those right ways, the rail trail will go straight down. Ms. Blessing said it was mentioned that it would go down the alley, I don’t want it to go down the alley. Councilman Myers said I don’t know if that would happen but even if it went down the alley it could be shared like up on Philadelphia Street, you can share the trail with vehicular traffic. There is so little vehicular traffic. Ms. Blessing said she is concerning about hitting someone or kids on this end. Councilman Myers said whats the difference having kids go down there now, you know what I mean? It happens now, I see kids down there all the time, on this end. So but the goal is to get follow the rail bed. Mr. Attig asked about it coming down from Red Lion? Councilman Myers said what they are talking about is coming down and following the road, Gichner property, and following the road where our retention basin is. A sidewalk to go the whole way down. Mr. Attig said the way that traffic people are going to get killed walking down that road. Councilman Myers said there will be separation, a separation between the road, it will be no different, you can go anywhere there is sidewalks. I agree about speed wise, you know. We have it at John Rudy Park, Mundis Race Road and cars wreck from time to time yes. But the only thing good about it, at least the people that are walking are off that road now, on that sidewalk, the trail, the greenway. Councilman Noll said its not what you think of as, the sidewalk right like we would have on Main Street, there would be a physical barrier, like a guard rail, a rock wall, whatever it will be. Mr. Attig said then you’ll have to spend a million dollars to build, after you spent a million dollars to build a dam to have a trail. Is there enough room to have a trail? Councilman Myers said there is plenty of room, you can put another road there and not even effect it. Ms. Blessing asked where exactly are we as far as when this will happen? Councilman Myers said probably five years out, if that. Ms. Blessing asked when will be notified. Councilman Myers said when we get closer there will be some other posted meetings, right now we’re still working on it. I know that York Township and Red Lion got some money, TAP money, from transportation. The reason they got that money is because of the traffic on the roads, they gave the money to separate the pedestrians from the road. Which I was shocked because they got that money, but that is why they got it. Discussion continued. Mr. Shearer said I think Stacy wants to clarify that we are pretty well eliminated the alley. Like Barry, said, we own a lot of that property in the center, that’s what we are really looking at. We ran into so many issues with the narrowness of the alley that its not going to be feasible. That’s why its going to be out the front instead of the back door. Councilman Myers said it makes more sense, some people don’t like people behind their house, front of the house is better. Its on the street. Ms. Blessing said its not up on the bank, its on the front. Councilman Myer said as of right now, its going to be right across the street. Councilman Noll said because of ADA, certain grades, how do you get people up there. Access, all those things have to be considered. Its part of it. Ms. Blessing asked how will we know about these meetings? Councilman Myers said when there is a public meeting it will be advertised. When we get into our part we’ll have a public meeting. I can’t speak for York Township and Red Lion, they are marching now, public meetings and such. When we get into the borough, applying for grants. We eventually have meetings, when we have it more finalized. Councilman Noll said right now the only thing we have is a committee from council to represent us. No proposals, no final plans. Nothing on grants, set up things. Councilman Myers said I am going to ask council about getting the grants in. Everything is rough right now. I prefer it to be on the street. The secretary asked if Stacy is interested in doing the newsletter. Ms. Blessing said she has the program but no computer. So right now she said I will think about it. Councilman Myers asked Ms. Blessing could be able to sit on the sub-committee, if we are able to do that for the rail trail. Ms. Blessing said I am sitting on the border for the trail, not sure how I feel about it. Attorney Springer said I could check on to make sure she could sit on the committee. Councilman Noll said the committee, is a recommending meeting, to bring it to council, we think we can have a citizen of Yoe on the committee. Ms. Blessing said maybe.

Councilman Snyder said next is Ms. Gross but she left.

Councilman Snyder said Mr. Strobeck. Mr. Strobeck said he is here listening. Being very quiet.

Councilman Snyder asked if any other residents that would like to be recognized? There was no response.

Solicitor’s Report
Attorney Springer said there are couple things that we have been working on. Still working with the sub committee on the rail trail. We suppose it may be going parallel to E. Pennsylvania Avenue, right along the MD and PA railroad. Starting on Boundary Avenue and leading up to the park. There are some easements that we have to get through. Until we get those easements we are at a stand still. So I have been dealing with the property issues, the Mokosky’s are selling their property, its getting the buyers to granting the easement that would not affect the sale of the property. There are a few other properties we have to square away. A lot of this is coupling with the widening of E. Pennsylvania Avenue.

Attorney Springer said the next issue was with the Habitat of Humanity rebuild of 230 S. Main Street. I needed to alert council that I need an appropriation of $5,000.00 into trust because at tax sales, its not like the sheriff’s sale when you put down 10%, expected to pay the rest in so much time. At the judicial tax sale, you need all the money right then and there. Previously I was authorized to go up to $5,000.00 to bid, cost that I got, was right around $2,000.00 for the transfer and the cost of the sales. I don’t know want me to do if there is someone who bids over $5,000.00 but as of right now, they get the property.If we do effectuate the purchase of the property, then we’ll proceed with working with Habitat of Humanity. I knocked out a MOU, we got it over to Habitat of Humanity, they’ve provided comments and I’m meeting with Attorney Baranski tomorrow, to finalize that. I’ll get it to the council members. The memorandum of understanding is of no affect if we don’t get the property, goes without saying because its just a MOU that says to Habitat if we get this property at the tax sale or otherwise, then we’ll give it to you, we expect demolition on the property will occur however we, Councilman Allar had previously voiced his desire, to have a drop dead date in that. The way the memorandum of understanding reads, we can’t have a drop dead date because all the Habitat of Humanity projects are contingent on funding. Once they set a project in motion, and this the 230 S. Main would be a veterans build. So we have a timeline, a proposed timeline of this veterans build, thinking we want to do the kick off right around November, if we can effectuate the purchase of the property, get it habitat and get it demoed. They have indicated they don’t have the funds for the demo. So one thing we were tossing around, I don’t know if this ever got back to council, prior to this meeting tonight. Soliciting certain entities to help with the demolition, we are going to have to fit the bill for the demolition cost, whatever we can get the members to community for the benefit of the community as to services, be it the excavation or moving the debris would mitigate the cost for us. That has always been the concern of all the blighted properties that currently in Yoe Borough, its the cost. Its always been a concern that we don’t want to raise taxes to deal with these properties, at the same time they are eyesores, they present health risks, they lower the esthetic value and the property value for the surrounding residents. So that is where we sit with the Habitat of Humanity project. Councilman Noll said if I can add this too, it goes along with the zoning side of things, we had Code Adminstrators out there, because we adopted the property maintenance code we were able to in a three hour period, condemn the entire property. Its posted as condemned at this point. Councilman Noll said I am not sure if the placards are still on. The secretary said left Kayla know that on Monday, that the one is missing. I asked for an update. Councilman Noll said I did not. The secretary said the report is what I got in the folder. Councilman Noll said at this point I had no response to it, from Attorny Schenetzka. Attorney Springer said when we were visiting with Habitat, the next door neighbor indicated that people have been going into the property. Mr. Richardson has been going into the property still. If anyone sees him, we can cite him. Councilman Myers said who cites him? Councilman Noll said we need to get that to the police. Its condemned for human habitation, people entering in any way. Councilman Myers asked to speak with mayor, Councilman Snyder said I am going to be talking to him tomorrow anyway. Councilman Noll said if anyone sees things, take some pictures. Anybody who buys that property, the only reason you are allowed in the property, is to figure out how to put it back together. Its prohibited for entrance by persons. They have been put on notice they can’t enter property, unless you are there to put it back together. Councilman Noll said I’ll contact Norm Strenger on this. Councilman Snyder said I want to discuss this, in the event we get this property, now Habitat is clearly saying, they don’t have funds to tear it down, we don’t know when its going to be torn down, kick off meeting in November. Tom was talking about getting a fund raiser together through town. We’re still trying to get funds together to fix our WW II memorial. We did get some funds. My point is, I don’t know what everyone else fells, if we get this building on June 6th, we have a condemned building that we are going to be liable for. I think it would behoove us to apply for the CDBG grants, we have to do a resolution at the next council meeting. We have to make this decision, are we going to have Steve put in for the emergency funding, that grant application is there to tear this building down. Councilman Myers asked is this over and above, the other grants we are applying for. Mr. Malesker said I think it comes out of the same construction fund, not sure about competition. I don’t know. Councilman Snyder said the reason we put in for it, Red Lion put in it and got money. Seth called in around that August and they said there we as money there, we spent the funds to put in the application then all of sudden, well we’re not going to give you the money now. My thinking is, they’ve done it before in the past, we already paid the money for the submission. Councilman Myers asked who deals with that? Mr. Malesker said Joiann. Councilman Snyder said this goes in with all the other grant applications at the same time. Councilman Noll said if we get the property, it will need boarded up and may be additional costs. Councilman Myers said can we give the money to them, let them tear it down with the grant money? Councilman Noll said we can give them money, and use the contractor they have. What is our threshold? Mr. Shearer is $19100.00. Councilman Myers said we can give them money. I’m trying to give it to them. Councilman Noll said with the MOU, why we can’t give the money to them. Mr. Malesker said its federal money, they have to go by charge Davis Bacon rates. I don’t know if, I’m thinking you have to bid it. They interview the people to make sure they get the Davis Bacon rates. Attorney Springer said part of the MOU was we would give the property to Habitat and they would help effectuate demolition. What I would recommend, if we do get the property we transfer it as quick as possible. Letting them to start the campaign, once they get title, they can jump. Councilman Noll said does the MOU, does it stipulate upon receiving the property that they would be responsible for boarding it up and making sure. The secretary said making sure its mowed. Attorney Springer said no to the contrary, the MOU says we would facilitate the maintenance. Attorney Springer said they would own it we would just help maintain it. Councilman Snyder asked till when? Attorney Springer said until they do the kick off in November. That is the whole point I am trying to say, we don’t know what the MOU is trying to say, we don’t know if we are going to get the property, we do know we have the deadline for CDBG grant. My recommendation is we put in the for emergency funding, continue to put in for the grant, if we don’t get the property we can yank it in September. If the MOU comes in and say you can transfer title over on June 10th. We can back that request. Councilman Noll said on the MOU, how stuck are they on this maintenance, just because they do the kick off in November, it can take them four years to get the funds together. Attorney Springer said the kick off is for Veterans Day 2015. Mr. Malesker said the CDBG would be 2015, unless there is leftover funds for this cycle. You have this existing application for 2014. It won’t be much to just update. Discussion continued. Attorney Springer said fund raising begins November 9 of this year, Veterans Day of this year. One year ahead of schedule. The kick off date is November, Veterans Day 2015. Councilman Snyder said if we put in for this grant cycle, they know we are still in for the last grant cycle. So they can still give us money this year. If they have the extra $30,000.00, but we are still then in the next grant cycle. Mr. Malesker said last time we applied for $36,000.00. The borough would put in for $5,000.00 for legal. Discussion continued. Attorney Springer said in regards to maintenance in the MOU, until such time as habitat breaks ground on the property the borough shall continue to maintain the property by periodically mowing and trimming the same. Under general maintenance. That said there’s also going to be some due diligence of boarding it up,making trips to go in there, at least if we have ownership of it, until we transfer to habitat. Habitat when we went out to visit the property, they said with uncertainty it needs to be demolished. A motion was that we apply for CDBG emergency grant for the demolition of 230 S. Main Street using the same application updated as we used previously if when Yoe Borough would purchase the property at the tax sale. To authorize expenditure of funds to go into escrow to be held in trust of $5,000.00 by Councilman Noll. The motion was seconded by Councilman Strausbaugh. All in favor. Councilman Snyder said motion carried.

Attorney Springer said in the MOU there is a paragraph that we will reimburse Habitat for Humanity any costs that expend if we back out of the deal. The MOU hasn’t been signed yet, once its signed we don’t want to back out. Anything Habitat has expended we would have to reimburse them. Councilman Snyder said part of the application, we are working on a MOU with Habitat of Humanity to rehab the property after its demo. Mr. Malesker said it could be something we can include that in. Councilman Snyder said it would be selling point for us. Discussion continued.

Attorney Springer said I was asked to do some research on zoning as to diminishe property values. The only thing that is considered a government taking is if you zone something that completely substantially destroys the value of the property. So a diminished value of the property doesn’t cut it, that’s not considered a government taking and would not prevent a rezoning. The arguments, I understand where they are coming from, the value of the properties are not going substantially decrease because of the zoning. Not considered a government taking.

Councilman Snyder said we received notice from York Township, Attorney Steve Hovis, they referenced our agreement for the dams, the shared maintenance cost of that agreement. It shows shared costs of four ways, Red Lion, York Township, Dallastown and Yoe Borough. Of course Red Lion did not sign that agreement, so the costs have been going three ways ever since. This was effectuated in 1998. I thought we would have redrafted the agreement, to split it three ways. No other agreement was drafted. All four municipalities are listed, only three signed it. Mr. Hovis says the intermunicipal agreement is in invalid. The commissioners agreed to pay the costs for 2013. York Township will not agree to pay for the maintenance without Red Lion’s participation. I looked over it, and I sort to had to concur with his legal interpretation. I gave this to Attorney Springer, and he concurred. We have two ways to proceed. One is they just say will not pay for maintenance costs without Red Lion’s participation, they are willing to participate if Red Lion signs on. We could go back and ask them. We can say we can’t speak with Red Lion, what if we charging on a ¼ basis. Would be the same affect as Red Lion participating. Yoe Borough would pay ½ if Red Lion doesn’t sign. Go back to Red Lion Borough. The Red Lion Borough and Dallastown Borough Council have been put on notice. Try to get Red Lion to sign onto the agreement. Go back to York Township and say there is a gentleman’s agreement true, we can redraft it for three municipalities, if Red Lion doesn’t agree. In the spirit of inter-municipal agreement for harmony. Councilman Myers said two of them set here, and Red Lion said its not our problem, we don’t have a water problem. Mr. Malesker said that was before MS 4 was involved. Discussion continued. Councilman Myers said will represent Yoe Borough by talking to Red Lion to work out more details on a new agreement and the importance to them for the Chesapeake Bay. Councilman Noll said he would touch base with York Township after that. Councilman Myers was given three copies of the agreement and of the letter for Attorney Hovis.

Councilman Snyder said we were just asked it’s a legislative alert via James Nowalk, for radar legislation coalition in support of Senate Bill 1413 and House Bill 1272. They’re asking all municipalities to sponsor resolution to send in via the PA State Mayor’s Association. To get radar for speed enforcement. Take in consideration. Councilman Noll said I don’t think we need to spend the funds at this time.

Councilman Snyder said with the resignation of Councilman Allar. We received the wrong ordinance book, it was from Penns Valley. Each person signed a paper to return the book, and be charged off your last council check. The secretary will send a letter to him, advising him of the wrong book return. The secretary asked that the locks be changed. A motion was made by Councilman Noll to have the locks changed on the borough building entrance doors with numbered keys and have the keys redistributed. The motion was seconded by Councilman Bankoske. All in favor. Councilman Snyder said motion carried. Councilman Noll recommends two different locks with keys. And note do not duplicate on the keys and numbered. Just a thought. Do we as a council need to inform any other committees/municipalities that Councilman Allar has resigned? Attorney Springer said it will come up in later discussions. The secretary said that Jake Romig should know, he has direct contact with Mike Danko, Army Corps of Engineers. With the cease and desist order still be outstanding it will be a good idea. Mr. Shearer is meeting with Mr. Romig tomorrow and will update him.

Councilman Myers said about the Rail Trail and CDBG grant. Former Councilman Allar had paperwork which he returned. Karla got me some things. I asked her to come to the meeting next month. CDBG grant, I am asking that we ask for $100,000 first year and $100,000 the second year. To put the whole program together, some other small grants we are going after too, as well. Councilman Snyder asked is she putting in for the CDBG grant? Councilman Myers said I’m going to ask her, if she is going to charge us, I will try to do it myself. Mr. Malesker said we could use the same resolution. Councilman Myers said we are also going after a DCNR grant and DCNR small projects grant. The challenge is some of these, it would be the bituminous paving part, and binder and wearing course, and concrete curb part of it. The total is $433,000.00, that’s an estimate.

Executive Session at 9:07 PM
A motion was made by Councilman Noll to enter into an executive session at 9:07PM. The motion was seconded by Councilman Strausbaugh. All in favor. Councilman Snyder said motion carried.

Reconvening to the Regular meeting at 9:24PM
Councilman Snyder said let the record reflect we discussed legal issues going forward after the resignation of Councilman Allar. A motion was by Councilman Snyder for the engineer to follow through with the second CDBG grant application, number one which was already discussed, number 2 going forward for the rail trail in the amounts of $70,000.00 for year one, $100,000.00 for year two, $100,000.00 for year three based on the total given by Karla from Buchart Horn for a total project cost of $433,500.00. With her recommendation, that in year three, DCNR grant of $175,000.00 will be pecured, which needs to be determined when that cycle starts and end. A $20,000.00 for a small community grant, which we don’t know enough about at this point. For the engineer do the aspects of the CDBG and the resolution with 230 S. Main Street. The motion was seconded by Councilman Myers. All in favor. Councilman Snyder said motion carried.

Mr. Malesker asked what is your contribution? The secretary said we have a contract with Buchart Horn of $14580.00. Councilman Snyder said we have been contributing legal fees with meetings and easements. Attorney Springer said I’m keeping separate accounts for the legal costs. I can give you those.

Engineer’s Report
Mr. Malesker passed out the bid results for the equipment and material bids. I am going to give the low bid results. For crushed aggregate: Kinsley Materials FOB/Plant was $13,022.50 Delivered was $21,385.00. FOB for the aggregate was the same as last year prices, delivery was 13.5 % increase. Bituminous materials: Low bid 9 ½ millimeter is Highway Materials: $58.85 ton FOB plant and delivered at site is $64.60. That is a 1 ½ % for FOB and 1.7% delivered. For 25 millimeter: Highway Materials was low. FOB $49.75 per ton Delivered $55.50 per ton. That’s a decrease 1.5% for FOB and basically for delivery. Equipment rental: Fitz and Smith bid on everything except items C 2 and C 14. Their quote is $33,690.00 That is a 6.4% increase from last year. No bids for snow removal. For milling: Low bid Kinsley at $20,400.00. That was a 86 % increase from last year. Recon’s was the same. I’m not sure why there was such a dramatic increase for milling. It almost doubled. From $2.49 a square foot, to almost five dollars. My recommendation is to award the equipment and materials bids to the low bidders that I mentioned, and this will be contingent for Dallastown Borough doing the same at their meeting next Monday. Councilman Snyder said looking at the actual bids, Fitz and Smith did not bid for C2 and C14, but Recon did bid only for C14. Mr. Malesker said that’s for the milling, unless you need, we bid milling, the 944 mobilization, traffic control, etc. Counciman Snyder said we don’t want to award the C14 for Recon. Mr. Malesker said that’s only for milling for four foot wide. The other milling that we actually bid, includes immobilization, I would recommend not awarding not C14 to Recon. Its not needed, under the 944 includes immobilization, etc. Discussion continued. A motion was made by Councilman Myers to accept the recommendation of the low bids from C. S. Davidson post contigent on acceptance by Dallastown Borough on Monday May 12, 2014. The motion was seconded by Councilman Strausbaugh. In favor: Councilman Myers, Councilman Strausbaugh, Councilman Snyder, Councilman Bankoske, Councilman Howett. Abstaining: Councilman Noll. Mr. Shearer asked why we award in the summer.Mr. Malesker said most people bid in the spring, your contract ends in June. We don’t bid it before because who knows what you are going to get for a bituminous price, the plant doesn’t open until April. It coincides with the paving season. Discussion continued.

Mr. Malesker said last month it was asked for a cost estimate for producing a Chesapeake Bay Pollution Reduction Plan for the borough. Mr. Rinaulda’s estimate which would include five project plans would be around $2500.00. There would be yearly updates that would be around $250.00 a year. In the event that Yoe Borough would decide not join into the county wide plan. You would have to do one on your own. I don’t think anything has been determined. Councilman Noll said this may be better for us, especially concerning stormwater maintenance. We are going to participate in the project anyways. They are never going to give us money for a project. It all goes onto how the credits are going to counted. They can only count one time. The county can’t count if Yoe Borough does their own separate plan. It is very expensive for the county to get this thing going. Councilman Myers said I did ask them about the county plan, what happens if someone pulls out. They said it will stay the same. Councilman Noll said we asked for example, if Red Lion was the source of problems, but there not part of the plan for the county, they need to do a project. The reason for being a participating member, if you are lucky enough to receive a project, you will be the host of that project. The county would be granting agency, they say okay your project will get $20,000.00, you have to use those funds, administer the project, the county is not going to provide any administrative help. Keep track of it, turning it in, and everyone else will get credit for it. You are basically going to get a grant from the county. When its all done, you are stuck with the maintenance on that project. Whatever it winds up being. I think we can still be engaged with the county, I think we need to look at our own Chesapeake Bay plan. This is the ordinance from Lancaster County, I will hand it out. There are charging some significant fees to business. One business is being charge $6000.00 for stormwater management. I would recommend to the council, I think we should get involved if there is an authority set up. Dedication to go after projects that make the most sense, they are there for all phases, maintenance, set up, etc. That makes sense on the county level. Discussion continued. Councilman Noll said the plan is for new infrastructure or improve existing. They don’t want you maintaining. If you build a municipal building and put in stormwater, you can’t count that, what you are doing is treating what you are disturbing. Net zero impact. If you repaving a street and you decide to put in four new storm drains, now you get credit, you are improving existing structure. Councilman Snyder said for say the ½ acre we just purchased, putting big rock to help stabilize the bank, it would be a new project, this would qualify. Runoff on Philadelphia, put in new vegetation in, you would get big points. Everything we already to put money into, is approved for a Chesapeake Bay project, we would get credit for it with this $2500.00 for our own plan. Discussion continued. Councilman Noll said we would like to propose an ADHOC committee tonight. We have interest. A motion was made by Councilman Noll to create an ADHOC committee to look at possible Chesapeake Bay projects if we do wish to do our own Chesapeake Bay plan consisting of Councilmen Noll,Snyder and Strausbaugh. The motion was seconded by Councilman Myers. All in favor. Councilman Snyder said motion carried.

Mr. Malesker asked if Mr. Shearer saw the information on signage for retro-reflectivity. Mr. Shearer said our plan is to replace our signs. We continue to change them out. Mr. Malesker said they added an inspection and have someone drive around at night 65 years of age or older to determine the changes.

Councilman Snyder said C. S. Davidson notified the borough, that the US EPA finalized rules in 2013 imposing admission standards on municipal authorities that own stand by generators. Because there are new rules coming out, you have to retro fit generators that you currently have and new ones are going to be complied with. Existing Diesel engines effective 5/3/13, Gas engines effective 10/6/13. All the new engines that start up. Exceptions for emergency engines used at residential, commercial on sites only.

Mr. Malesker said I think if it doesn’t run more than 50 hours a year. As long you keeping a log and that kind of thing, there is a meter on it. Most of them are set to cycle. Keep that in mind for our emergency generators.

Maintenance Report
Mr. Shearer said we talked about a patch on Orchard Street. We ran into a snag with municipal services, they said they believe that area is in York Township. I spoke to Scott Depoe, they were going to fix the area that we had marked out. We’ll figure out the paperwork later. They are going to do their portion.I did talk to Gary Tipton today, he talked to Scott. The new liquid fuels map which are online, it shows that street, it doesn’t show what street of ours connects. Gary had told me before, he had it in York Township. Discussion continued.

Mr. Shearer reported that Fitz and Smith is getting ready to do the base repairs at Mason. They will be coordinating with Dallastown on the overlay shortly.

Mr. Shearer said I am following up on complaint on snow plow damage at the sewer clean out at 95 W. Broad Street. This clean out is at the very edge of the road on S. Maple Street. On the downhill side. I did talk to Mark Clark today. He has spoken with this lady. She did not realize what the pipe was at the end of the yard. Mr. Shearer said that street was adopted as 22 foot wide, with 5 foot sidewalk on both sides, making for a 32 foot right of way. We get paid from liquid fuels for 22 feet. I don’t know if the sewer authority allowed the previous owner to put that in our right of way. According to Mark Clark its suppose to behind the sidewalk behind the curb line, somehow, if there was a curb there, this would be right in the curb. Initial question, I have yet to talk to her. Her initial comment was to get a claim on our insurance. I don’t know what all is going to come out of this. Councilman Snyder said I can call her. The tork claim act would be involved, the municipality would only be responsible under five conditions. I don’t see how we were negelant there.

Mr. Shearer said the bids for E. Philadelphia Street are in. Pantano gave us a quote of $9960.00. Discussion continued. A motion was made by Councilman Myers to accept the low bid from Pantano Concrete of $9960.00 pending that the scope matches the project. The motion was seconded by Councilman Howett. Councilman Snyder, Councilman Myers, Councilman Howett, Councilman Bankoske in favor. Abstaining: Councilman Noll. Mr. Shearer will notify Pantano Concrete, they need certificate of insurance then they can begin work. May12th until June 23rd are dates of work.

Mr. Shearer said I did not get a price from Fitz and Smith for the rip rap placement. I talked to them yesterday, this morning I get a phone call, he said I have to talk to Mike Smith. My concern looking back over what you approved at the February meeting, of $800.00 to $1000.00, the motion was for two loads of stone. R 5 and R 6 rip rap, on the materials bid, will be $850.00. I want to nail down an estimate from them, how much time they expect to set the rip rap. To make sure we know what we are doing here. I did mention to Scott Depoe that we are planning to do the work, they are made aware.

Mr. Shearer said we had some leaks develop on the roof. You should have a sheet there for the spouting quotes. Century and Gangloff. Gangloff fixed the leak at $600.00. Leaks were in the secretary’s office.

Gangloff Quote: To remove the existing gutter from the back side, fabricate and install new fascia, then gut it : $2400.00
Century: Quote: They are just removing not installing new fascia. $1386.00.

Councilman Snyder asked the benefit of the fascia. Mr. Shearer said we talked before on having someone covering this fascia over. That is the white part, the fascia of the roof line. What is the matter of the fascia that is there? Mr. Shearer said right now the fascia has holes in it. Councilman Noll said it ripped the spouting out of the fascia, there are some repairs that need patched. Discussion continued.Councilman Noll said we need more downspouts, we had problem with sagging. We should have three downspouts. Mr. Shearer will get a quote for three downspouts and recontact. Councilman Snyder said make the statement of Century, of what their intention is with the fascia, what his intent was. He was just intending to put up a gutter and not repair the holes, I’d rather have new fascia put on.

Zoning Report
Councilman Noll said I will pass around the report in the folder. I will call Norm to get clarification on the two properties cited 230 and 267 S. Main Street. We have a couple of permits.Mrs. Myers has ten hours for last month. Pictures of the chickens. Councilman Snyder asked about if she was going to start on the weeds? Councilman Myers said she was getting prices for next month. Councilman Snyder said they will be able to be sited for next month.

Councilman Snyder said issues came up with Code Administrators. Code Administrators asked us, questions for a fee that Yoe charges when they pick up permits. Questions on what the zoning ordinance requires for fees? I just wanted to point out, we do have fees established in our fee schedule. As of now, fees for zoning review is set at $25.00 plus the UCC permit fees. $50.00 for commercial plus UCC fees for commercial. The secretary said someone needs to explain this to them. Councilman Snyder said as for the other fees we are going to discuss that on Thursday. Charlie Schmel gave us a copy of other municipalities for their fees for variances and special exceptions. Councilman Noll said he will talk to them. Dan is back at work. The outcome is good for his prognosis. Councilman Snyder said Dan sent a thank you for the basket and for our thoughts and prayers.

Emergency Management Report
Councilman Snyder said no report.

Mayor and Police Report
Councilman Snyder passed around the Mayor and Police Report.

Councilman Snyder said his report speaks for itself. The police report is for March not February. Any other questions? He wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts and concerns concerning his wife. I was to inform council that the surgery did not go as planned. Councilman Noll suggested a basket be sent to John and his wife. Councilman Snyder said there will be another surgery.

Secretary’s Report
The secretary said insurance renewal info was distributed. New worker’s comp coverage is from SWIF. Georgette from H. A. Thomas hasn’t confirmed that the check was received for the coverage.

The secretary said eleven letters were sent to different firms for the audit quotes So far we have had two rejections, and two of interest. I asked that they get the quotes back by June 30th so we have time to award then to do the resolution in November.

The secretary said the 2013 Shared retention basin maintenance costs have been paid by York Township and Dallastown Borough.

The secretary said the office will be closed May 17th and reopen on May 28th.

Councilman Snyder said everyone received the copy of the bank statements in the bank statement. Its our fiduciary duty to keep a tab on the finances.

Unfinished Business
There was no unfinished business.

New Business
Councilman Snyder said we did receive notice from FEMA that our hazard mitigation plan for the community has been approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. And our community is able to apply for federal disaster assistance until the plan expires on May 3, 2018. That was submitted to Steve Malesker. A copy is kept in the FEMA/PEMA box.

Councilman Myers said on the mowing of the retention pond. When we sent out the bill, do we bill Dana’s time. The secretary said yes we bill for his time. Councilman Myers said I asked All Seasons, since we have a lot of trouble with that mower this past year for a quote for mowing of the retention dams. Their quote is $295.00 per mowing. He has the equipment to do the work. He will charge $60.00 if we go with once a month. There are twenty cuts in the season. I was wondering if that was relatively close to what is billed. Discussion continued. A motion was made by Councilman Noll to have All Seasons Lawn and Landscaping to mow the retention basin, keep schedule flexible, but as needed at $295.00 bi weekly or once month as needed, providing a certificate of insurance. The motion was seconded by Councilman Bankoske. All in favor. Councilman Snyder said motion carried.

Payment of Bills
Councilman Snyder asked if everyone has reviewed the bill list. There are additional bills: York County Solid Waste $856.68, Code Administrators $70.00, Blakey Yost $5000.00, Members First $5040.00. A motion was made by Councilman Noll to pay the bills as listed with the additions. The motion was seconded by Councilman Strausbaugh. All in favor. Councilman Snyder said bills are paid.

A motion was made by Councilman Bankoske to adjourn the meeting at 10:36PM. The motion was seconded by Councilman Snyder. All in favor.

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