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Time Outdoors Is Time Well Spent for the Entire Family

With so many children spending so much time indoors today, it’s no wonder nature-deficit disorder has become a significant concern, especially with their constant connection to video game systems, tablets, and phones. But as we prioritize keeping them safe, fed and nurtured, sending them outside to enjoy what the outdoors has to offer should also be a concern.

 It might take some coaxing, but if you find activities for the whole family to enjoy, you can all get in touch with nature or simply spend more time outside. Check out some of the following resources to get the ideas flowing.

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 With so many different types of outdoor activities for your family, you can keep it close to home or take it farther afield. Even if everyone is new to hiking, camping, or fishing, trying something new and doing it together can lay the groundwork for future outdoor adventures.

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